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Eliminate intermediaries and reduce costs with our direct approach!

Expertise and Reliability in Steel, Construction Materials, and Advanced Technologies


Multi-specialist Trading


Originally, Adsteel supplied steel for the oil and chemical industries. Today, we extend our expertise to construction and structural solutions, from beams to rebar.

We guarantee quality, durability, and reliability for strong and lasting infrastructures.


We offer a wide range of construction and finishing materials, transforming design to new horizons.

From flooring to wall panels, we bring a unique and innovative touch to your spaces, combining aesthetics and functionality for exceptional projects.


Our passion for technology is reflected in our commitment to a green future.

With large-scale solar and sustainable solutions for construction and small-scale solutions for electronic components, we are shaping an innovative and sustainable future.

About Us.

Since our founding in 2015, we have excelled in international trading. Drawing on our experience, we have refined our processes to reduce costs while maintaining high standards of quality and service.

Committed to providing effective and personalized solutions, we meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide. In addition to our core expertise, our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs, offering a wide range of products and services to meet your requirements.


What they say about us.

"Adsteel has been our savior by providing us with hard-to-find electronic components. Their dedicated team and ability to respond quickly to our requests made all the difference. By working with a human-sized company like theirs, we were able to establish a trusting relationship and receive valuable personalized support, which significantly simplified our procurement process."


"Adsteel provided us with exceptional quality stone cladding and WPC fences for a development of 25 houses. Their personalized customer service greatly helped us find the perfect solutions for our projects. Consulting with Adsteel allowed us to benefit from insightful advice and special attention to our needs, making our purchasing experience truly pleasant."


"The luxury tourism and hospitality industry demands elegant and timeless products. Adsteel has met our expectations. Their team is dedicated and ready to tackle any challenge. We highly recommend them for their high-quality materials."

FALUX (Chine)

"The Adsteel team is an essential partner in some of our interior design projects. They enable us to transform our concepts into reality while adhering to our eco-friendly values."

French House (Chine)


Contact us

Whether you are a visionary architect, a bold entrepreneur, or an environmentally conscious innovator, Adsteel is here to support you in realizing your most ambitious projects. Whether it's in designing inspiring spaces, seeking innovative technological solutions, or implementing sustainable practices, our team is ready to meet your needs and explore new avenues together.

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